Fancy seeing you here.


Nikki, a Mexican American, grew up in a border town in south Texas.

Ever since she was a little girl she has loved acting and telling stories. She is for her work in independent films, TV and commercial work in Texas and now New York. She often plays strong complex characters in troubled situations forced to find the humor in life.

She completed two degrees from the University of Texas in Austin: a Bachelor's Degree of Fine Arts & also a Bachelor's Degree in Film Production. She studied Theatre in London which invigorated her love for the beauty of Europe and the stage. After university she studied Meisner Technique with Laurel Smith Vouvray.

Moving to New York has strengthened her passion and training for her career as she has always felt like a New Yorker at heart. She is currently studying with Anthony Abeson, Devin Shacket, Upright Citizens Brigade, Bob Krakower, and various teachers at The Freeman Studio, NY.

She is a firecracker who loves french cinema, dancing, film theory, great food and New York City. She is a goofy girl with a romantic soul.